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By March 20, 2020January 31st, 2021Pandemic

If ever there was a time to develop an optimistic personality, this is it!

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines optimism as “the tendency to be hopeful and to emphasize the good part in a situation rather than the bad, or the feeling that in the future good things are more likely to happen than bad things.”

Numerous medical studies have linked an optimistic outlook as a strong factor in helping us to recover from illness/surgery, boost our immune system and live longer.

Optimism gives us hope and courage.

We are inundated with hard news all day, every day. Still, it’s important to practice optimism right now. We have to pay attention to the facts but also take the time to notice the sweet things in life. Right now, Spring is starting to arrive. This simple shift in our attention will help us through these difficult times.

Kailee Kline and the Healthwinds’ Team