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Many of us have benefited from enriching relationships with our fathers or those who have helped to guide and shape us. Father’s Day provides us with the opportunity to say thank you to those special individuals in our lives.

When asked, “What are the best things about being a Dad?”, here are some excerpts from Sheila Wray Gregoire’s (Bare Marriage) blog.

Meeting your child for the first time; The cuddles and unconditional love that children have and give freely; Creating memories and traditions together; The excitement they show when Dad comes home; and getting to watch them grow up.

There are health benefits to Fatherhood. Kids provide the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. We all want our kids to be healthy and happy and to provide them with a sense of purpose and belonging.

Their endless energy alone requires a more active lifestyle and healthy food to keep them fueled.

Just as important as being there for your loved ones is taking time to recharge and ensure your personal wellness. Everyone will benefit.

Happy Father’s Day
The Healthwinds’ Team