Move to become flexible, strong and pain free.


Pilates exercise programs are renowned for achieving tone, body awareness, flexibility and strength. As a therapeutic modality, Pilates is especially  beneficial for those who have muscular and joint conditions which limit their ability to follow a traditional exercise program.

Our classes provide an opportunity to work “one on one” with a trained therapist on the Reformer, addressing your specific needs.

30 minute – $50

60 minute – $95

30 min. Pilates & 30 min. Massage – $127

Package of 5 Sessions – $440


Stretch under the watchful eye and guidance of a Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist. Enjoy a full and proper stretch program without strain or pain. You can also add a massage session to keep your muscles conditioned for your best result.

This is a great choice for anyone. It is especially helpful for those with old injuries, arthritis or to enhance your existing program.


Enrico Staine, MT     Veronica Mazer, MT     Lindsay Kobus, Physiotherapist

30 minute – $70

30 minute stretch and 30 minute massage – $145

30 minute stretch and 60 minute massage – $180

Package of 5 Sessions – 30 Stretch / 30 Massage – $725

Package of 5 Sessions – 30 Stretch / 60 Massage – $900