Move to become flexible, strong and pain free.


This therapy combines massage and therapeutic movement techniques. Some movements are done passively by the therapist, slowly increasing the range of motion as the massage techniques release the restrictions and tension.  Active movements are done in the second part of the treatment under the direction of the therapist. It is a relaxing, inspiring and educational experience that helps you develop a better understanding of and connection to your body.

This is NOT a new exercise routine, it is a new way of moving through healthful recovery.

75 minute – $155

Package of 3 Sessions – $450


Stretch under the watchful eye and guidance of a Massage Therapist. Enjoy a full and proper stretch program without strain or pain. You can also add a massage session to keep your muscles conditioned for your best result.

This is a great choice for anyone. It is especially helpful for those with old injuries, arthritis or to enhance your existing program.

30 minute – $75

30 minute stretch and 30 minute massage – $150

30 minute stretch and 60 minute massage – $195

Package of 5 Sessions – 30 Stretch / 30 Massage – $735

Package of 5 Sessions – 30 Stretch / 60 Massage – $940