Luxurious treatments with rich creams and butters, essential oils, scrubs, massage and paraffin. Revitalize and pamper your hands and feet.


Hard working hands are quick to show their age. Urban living, especially recently has us using many products which are abrasive to our skin.

Our weary feet are hidden in shoes and carry us through our demanding day.

It’s time to give our hands and feet the loving they deserve. Prevention is the key.


Our manicures include nail and cuticle care and a relaxing hand massage with hydrating creams to soothe and heal your skin. Manicures are offered with colour applications or natural nails. Choose from our collection of beautiful colours.

The nail file and buffer used in this service are yours to take home.


This quick, thorough treatment will leave your hands looking clean and fresh.

  • Nail trim, shape, file and buff

  • Cuticle care

  • Relaxing hand massage with hydrating creams

  • Choose from an application of almond oil with pineapple enzyme & vitamin E, or one clear coat or buffed nail

  • 30 minutes


This luxurious service will leave your hands looking their best.

  • Full nail care ~ trim, shape, file and buff

  • Cuticle care

  • Soothing hand massage with hydrating creams

  • Polish application ~ choose from 150 colours.

  • 45 minutes


Eco-Fin Therapy is a paraffin alternative which adds additional care to soothe and smooth dry, rough skin. It improves the circulation and aids with muscle and joint pain.¬† An added benefit ~ a soothing massage with Healthwinds’ body butter.

  • 45 minutes ~ Sports $53

  • 60 minutes ~ Signature $63


Our pedicures are deeply relaxing and include a herbal infused footbath, nail care, foot and callus care, a natural exfoliation, mask, hot towel wrap and massage. A polish application is optional.


This is a great maintenance service for healthy feet. All the usual steps and of course a relaxing massage. Your feet will be refreshed and look their best. Your choice of buffed nails, one application of clear coat or an infusion of almond oil, pineapple enzyme and vitamin E.

  • 45 minutes


This total care service relaxes, soothes and beautifies. It reduces swelling, fatigue and achiness and increases circulation. A truly restorative experience. Choose from many beautiful colours and sparkles to celebrate your feet.

60 minutes


This specialized foot care treatment is for those with problem feet. Give us a little more time to help with your deep cracked heels, thick calluses, dry rough skin and ingrown nails. A polish application is included.

  • 75 minutes


A perfect choice to maintain the health of your feet and hands. These services will also benefit those with overworked, fatigued hands and feet, dry, rough, itchy and irritated skin. These services include our Eco-Fin Therapy.

Eco-Fin Therapy

This is a natural paraffin alternative made from a rich blend jojoba and organic coconut oils, shea butter and vitamin E. It is applied warm to your hands and/or feet to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, joint stiffness and muscle pain.


This service combines our Sport Manicure with our Eco-Fin thermotherapy treatment. It includes nail and cuticle care and a soothing massage with warm aroma infused butter. This is a very rich care service and your hands will be so happy!

A polish application can be added to this service. $10

  • 45 minutes


A winning combination of our Sport Pedicure and our thermotherapy Eco-Fin butter treatment. Best choice to increase circulation and reduce joint stiffness, inflammation and muscle pain. Soothes dry, itchy skin and cracked heels. A great health treatment for your feet.

A polish application can be added to this service. $ 10

  • 60 minutes


This treatment will benefit everyone. It soothes dry skin, relieves pain and tension in the hands and feet. It includes a herbal footbath, and a natural exfoliating scrub, an essential-oil massage and a soothing Eco-Fin warm butter wrap for both your hands and feet. A very relaxing service.

This service does not include nail and foot care. Simply therapeutic.

  • 60 minutes