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Spring, more than any other season, signifies renewal, growth and vitality. It pulls us from lethargy into action. We move more, sit less and comfortable temperatures encourage us to do more outdoor activities. A fresh start is good for the mind and body. Removing mental clutter, letting go of things from the past, creating new healthy habits, can help us to feel grounded, centered and ready to embrace the positive vibes of spring.

From Boomers to GenZ, the importance of “self care” has moved beyond a trend to a valued lifestyle choice. Younger generations now have an increased awareness of the importance of physical health, healthy eating habits & changing attitudes towards mental health.

Millennials, 28 to 43 are now considered to be more health conscious than previous generations, even Boomers. But, regardless of your age, spring is the perfect time to recharge, get outside and soak up all the extra vitamin D.

Be like a “Perennial”, a term used to describe people who cannot be defined by their age. They are present in every demographic. They are curious, always learning, open minded and interested in what life has to offer.

Welcome spring with “Perennial-like” enthusiasm, ever-blooming.