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By March 1, 2024March 3rd, 2024Health & Wellness

Listening to our body is the first step to being nicer to ourselves. Our body sends us signals every day to help us maintain optimal health and wellness. Too often, we choose to power through at our desk or an activity, ignoring signals of hunger, thirst, pain and fatigue. Listening to our body helps prevent more serious physical conditions from developing. It’s a powerful, natural form of preventative medicine.

Why do we take our body for granted? Probably because it is capable of performing countless tasks without any conscious input from us. Our body has an innate intelligence and with our assistance, it can repair, replenish and grow. Conversely, without the necessary resources we countermine our ability to be resilient.

Listening to the body can cultivate greater mindful awareness. Many studies have proven that as our body and mind connection strengthens our ability to manage stress and mood swings improves and allows for much better sleep patterns.

The hint of Spring’s arrival helps to raise our spirits and encourages us to take better care. This month take some time to give your body and mind a little respite and recharge. Listen, honour and practice the best preventative medicine to enjoy optimal health.