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By April 15, 2020January 31st, 2021Pandemic

There are moments when our stress gets the better of us and our thoughts run wild with the unknown “what ifs”. 

I found myself lost in one of those moments this week and then decided to get busy instead. I started calling clients just to let them know we would not be doing their treatments in the next two weeks. Although they probably realized this, I thought it best to check in. 

For me, staying active, physically and mentally, helps to keep me in balance. Speaking with clients turned out to be a wonderful experience. We laughed and talked about their adventures and the Healthwinds’ team through this time. I ended up having to start a “call back” list for when we reopen. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to our amazing clients for lifting my spirits and reminding me that this crazy situation we are in will come to an end. 

Living through this time I have been thinking about resilience. It is defined as “ the ability of people or things to become strong, happy or successful again after a difficult situation or event”. This is innate within all of us. For some, resilience looks like it comes easily. According to the American Psychology Association, “the ability to learn resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary.” They liken it to rebuilding a muscle. They recommend that to increase resilience we have to focus on staying connected with others, our personal wellness, healthy thinking and asking for help when needed. 

For me, staying connected is incredibly important. It reminds me that I am not alone during difficult times. Being empathetic and understanding of those we care about as well as those we pass by on the street benefits all of us. It helps us to stay strong and resilient. 

Self care is a big buzzword right now. Our state of personal wellness determines how our body and mind cope with stress. This is the time to develop and maintain positive lifestyle habits. Eating and sleeping well, staying hydrated and exercising, are essential to help strengthen our body and mind. It’s easy to let these habits slip when we have so much unstructured time. For those front line workers this is even more essential to prevent burn out. 

Many people are trying something new. Some are discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation. There are many free online classes available including one on the Lululemon website called “Practicing Simple Breathwork”. This may not be suitable for everyone so go gently. Deep breathing is a good way to help us stay calm and redirect our attention onto something positive. 

Our thoughts have a significant impact on how we feel. We need to be informed but we also have to take time to enjoy the activities that we cherish, such as reading a good book, escaping into a creative activity, exercising or doing whatever helps to make us feel good and well. We have to remember to stay connected to our inner strength, to be aware but not lose ourselves into what is happening in the world around us. 

I think that creating and maintaining our personal sense of balance is vital to our resilience. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon. 

Kailee & The Healthwinds’ Team