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By January 1, 2023January 4th, 2023Health & Wellness

New Year’s is a time of reflection and according to a new report from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) we have much to celebrate. The wellness movement is bringing about crucial, positive changes in the world.

There are still many fads that commercialize wellness, but “the wellness concept and global wellness movement are not rooted in selling things or making money. The core of wellness is a holistic, multi-dimensional, and proactive approach to health and well-being.”

At Healthwinds, we have seen a lot of changes in this industry since we started in 1993. The best one is that we no longer have to explain what we are about… people get it!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

From all of us at Healthwinds.

Here is a synopsis of the GWI report.

Embracing holistic health.
The modern wellness movement has made us aware that our health is multidimensional and interconnected and that our lifestyle choices can benefit our well-being.

Mainstreaming traditional modalities for prevention & self-care.
Many practices and products that we associate with wellness today such as yoga, meditation, plant-based medicines and nature’s healing vibes, date back to ancient times. Several were dismissed in their countries of origin until they were modernized and repackaged to appeal to younger audiences. The magnitude of their popularity has triggered interest from the scientific and medical communities who are now studying and recommending many of them.

Increasing consumer choice and business innovations.
Our desire for healthier lifestyles has spurred demand for new wellness services, products and practices leading to the growth of new businesses, research, investments and innovations, primarily for our benefit.

Destigmatizing mental health.
Wellness is not only about preventing disease, but also about creating a higher state of health that includes our physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. During the pandemic, the wellness of our mental state came into focus and moved beyond just coping with or stigmatizing mental health conditions. The pervasiveness of stress, social isolation, the importance of resilience, the value of finding purpose and meaning and the need to build social connections were recognized as contributors to the state of our mental health. This experience helped us to gain an understanding, compassion and support towards each other, regardless of our mental health challenges.

Moving from “sick care” to prevention.
Research has shown that 80-90% of our individual health outcomes are determined by environmental, socioeconomic and lifestyle factors. Today, our healthcare systems have been forced to become primarily “sick care” systems. They focus on diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries. There is little time and funds to focus on prevention. The wellness movement has raised awareness of the importance of self-care which emphasizes prevention and health enhancing practises. This shift will help many to live longer, healthier lives and hopefully lessen the costs on our healthcare systems.