By January 31, 2021 Health & Wellness

These days we have to rethink how to show our loved ones we care. Walks with friends in need have been curtailed and hugs for anyone outside our “bubble” are taboo.

It’s tricky right now for those living in an at-home bubble. Tensions can run high with too much togetherness, no matter how much we love each other. Stress doesn’t make us the best communicators and asking for a little “space” can easily be misinterpreted. Despite the restrictions though, we are getting creative and finding ways to give and receive love and support to those special to us.

Quarantine ~ Language of Love

Quality time can be challenging when you can’t cuddle up next to your sweetheart or gather with family and friends to enjoy a movie. These days many are coming together over Zoom, cooking, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company. It isn’t perfect but it does keep us connected.

Sharing the workload at home ~ kids online learning, making dinner, walking the dog are some of the ways we are demonstrating our affection for each other. Relieving our loved ones of some of their responsibilities gives them a chance to recharge and feel grateful, bringing positive vibes to everyone.

Sending groceries, fresh flowers or a home cooked meal to those outside our circle is a good reminder that they are in our hearts.

Words of affirmation are most important in these challenging times. Speaking our supportive, heartfelt thoughts have a powerful impact on those we love. Don’t let the moment pass ~ give the compliment and express your gratitude.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Healthwinds.