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Feeling a little out of sorts? Bad moods have their triggers and lack of sunshine can be one of them. But, less daylight and cooler temperatures also offer benefits. We tend to sleep better in those conditions and as the pollen count drops, allergy symptoms diminish.

There are ways to lift our mood during this transitional month according to Lisa Nisbet, PhD at Trent University in Ontario, who studies connectedness to nature. “There is mounting evidence, from dozens and dozens of researchers, that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human wellbeing.” She goes on to state that aside from improving our mood, “time in nature, even in urban settings gives us a sense of connection with the natural world which contributes to our happiness, even when we’re removed from nature”.

There are other documented healing benefits derived from nature including boosting immunity and reducing stress. Studies have shown that in addition to their beauty, trees release compounds into the forest air that are beneficial for us. The aroma of Cedar has been cited as one of the most distinctive.

The science of aromas was used recently to create a funny ad for laundry softener. Two parents, surrounded by chaos created by their children take a moment to sniff the aroma-scented product. They are instantly transported to a place of beauty and calm.

In a Healthline article aromatherapy was listed as an effective strategy to uplift moods. Our sense of smell, is connected to a part of the brain that triggers positive or nostalgic memories that can help relieve tension and anxiety.

This month our specials are complimented with beautiful, health focused aromas. These restorative treatments are designed to provide an uplifting experience for your body and mind and renew your sense of well-being.