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Do you allow yourself time out for breaks? 

When too much is coming at you, often, the best solution is to press pause. 

Stress breaks facilitate recovery. They help our mental and physical state come back to a healthier baseline When your mind won’t stop reeling with thoughts that make you feel anxious, even a short break can help you reset and allow positive feelings to surface. 

Research has found that breaks, even micro-breaks are beneficial for our health and our productivity at work. They help us manage our reaction to stress and reduce the recovery time at the end of a long day. 

The most effective breaks are taken away from our desk or a challenging situation. Although, scrolling through social media can serve as a distraction, it has actually been found to cause us more fatigue. 

The best results happen when we get up and move. Even better is a short walk in greenery, or sharing laughs with colleagues. 

Consider switching tasks if a break isn’t possible. This has proven beneficial as you are using a different part of your brain. Studies show that this shift in attention, can provide some of the same benefits as taking a break. 

November is notorious for affecting our state of mind & mood. This month, add Healthwinds to your list of best breaks. Let your mind rest and your body recharge.