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By July 1, 2020July 2nd, 2020Health & Wellness

Sunflowers, beautiful and proud, bring to mind thoughts of happy, lazy summer days as they bask in the sunlight.

There is a distinct correlation between nature and our health as has been documented in countless studies.

One natural therapy practice known as “Forest bathing” originated in Japan. It was created to help people get back in touch with nature. The healing benefits discovered were many. Aside from improved physical health, walking and being in nature was found to boost our immunity and reduce stress.

In addition to nature’s beauty, the aromatic compounds that plants and trees release are also beneficial. Some can even enhance the white–blood cell activity in our bodies and assist our immune system.

Being active outside and enjoying nature improves our vitality, increases our energy, and rejuvenates us.

July’s specials are filled with beautiful essential aromas to delight your senses, soothe your muscles and evoke inner peace.