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Finding time to “just be” with our partner, friends and family can be a challenge. Quality time eludes us as our schedules become increasingly demanding. Some choose to relax by losing themselves in digital distractions, instead of connecting with loved ones.

We all know that spending quality time with those we love is essential to maintaining a lasting, loving relationship. It doesn’t have to be a major event to be affective. Small gestures can make big impacts.

Quality time can be non-verbal. Time spent watching a sunset, going for a walk together or snuggling while watching a movie, all contribute to a creating a stable, healthy relationship.

February is about acknowledging those we care about, be it on Family Day, Valentine’s Day or “just because”.

This month make time to connect with loved ones and do things that bring happiness to all of you. Schedule fun dates with your partner and spend time with people who energize you. Give yourself permission to relax, play and laugh.