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In our 30 years in business we have seen a lot of changes in the Wellness industry. Most especially are the changes in people’s mindset towards self care. And, that’s a good thing!

The new year is a natural time to think about a fresh start. We all have the best intentions. But, resolutions made in January, are often abandoned within a few months.

What if instead of making resolutions, we chose to “gift”  ourselves “time out” to recharge? It might be a walk in nature, taking some time to read a book or get a massage. Most important, choose to do whatever replenishes you. Once integrated into your life, these experiences will help you enjoy better physical and mental health. It may sound silly but for this to work, we actually have to schedule in time for “time out”. It will be well worth it!

We all deserve time to rest, relax and reset.

Our Best Wishes to All of You for a Very Happy New Year!

The Healthwinds’ Team