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It’s that time again. Cooler temperatures are quick to remind us of aches and pains in our muscles and joints. Staying active and being proactive with healthful solutions helps to reduce or eliminate discomfort, repair and heal. Left unchecked, pain limits our mobility and disrupts our sleep which in turn affects our ability to focus and manage stress.

Keeping our muscles warm during activity prevents tension from building as we guard against the cold. Our muscles and joints perform best when receiving sufficient circulation. Feelings of stiffness and pain can actually disappear as we move and our circulation increases.

Wearing layers that can be peeled off as our body warms is a simple solution. As well, staying hydrated provides the fluids our body needs, even if we aren’t sweating.

Massage Therapy is one of the best methods to keep our muscles in good condition. It increases the flow of nutrient-rich circulation and removes waste that have collected in the tissues. Specific techniques can reduce scar tissue which impedes blood flow and reduce swelling at joints. Posture is also improved by massage as healthier, flexible muscles are better able to refrain from slouching and hold us upright.

Warming salt baths are another effective way to promote blood flow to muscles and joints. Follow an exercise session with a salt soak to help your body maintain the benefits and speed up recovery from exertion.

Let us help you make the best transition into this new season with a healthy body and mind.