By September 1, 2018 February 5th, 2019 Health & Wellness

The arrival of Fall usually means that our lives become busier. Our lazy summer attitude dissipates as our schedules fill. The need to multi-task increases. We use our smartphones to stay connected with emails, texts and social media while at work or with family and friends.

We have come to accept that this is crucial to our survival. But is it? Or is it self-imposed? Current research is revealing the dangers of being exposed to constant distractions. A study at the University of London found that people who frequently multi- tasked experienced drops in their IQ comparable to those of missing a night of sleep. It tires our brain, effects our short and long term memory and the quality of our work.

This is a problem that is afflicting today’s workforce. There is even a new Bill under consideration in New York City to fine employers who require their employees to check their electronic devices outside of work hours.

Books such as Cal Newman’s Deep Work are providing those aspiring in their careers the tools to develop their ability to focus and get the deep, meaningful work done. This is the kind of work that provides significant results. It goes far beyond emptying your email inbox. It provides true fulfillment and inspiration.

The process requires us to engage in total concentration. We have to make the time, disconnect from all distractions and focus on only one task.
The other piece of advice ~ take time to be lazy and enjoy some downtime. Give your conscious mind a rest.

Try the “deep work” principle in your massage this month. Just let your therapist know and they will guide you with your breath to help you focus, relax and derive the best benefit.