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Our skin is part of the Integumentary system of our body. It is made up of several organs and structures including the skin, hair, nails, glands, and nerves. The main function of this system is to protect the inside of our body from elements in the environment (pollution, bacteria, etc), retain bodily fluids, eliminate waste (sweat) and regulate our body’s temperature.

Our Integumentary system works with all other bodily systems including the nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems to help maintain the stability of our internal body. This is why the state of our inner health is reflected in our skin. It is our suit of armor and needs to be kept in good repair.

To the uninitiated, skin care and taking a professional facial is considered an extravagance. Many people, (especially men), would only take this type of service, if their issues were visible on their skin.

What to expect from a Facial?

A professional Aesthetician starts every session with an analysis of your skin. They will identify any issues they see and that you want addressed. They will discuss your goals and help to make them attainable. They will work to restore the health of your skin.

1. Deeper, safer cleanse ~ The exfoliation process is more in-depth when done by a professional. It may include extractions to remove deep blackheads and clogged pores. It provides a much safer method to clearing impurities without causing harm to your skin.

2. Optimal Moisture ~ A common complaint is dehydration and dryness. Many purchase thick, heavy creams hoping they will solve this problem but, that is not always the answer. A facial can regulate and bring back the optimal moisture level for your skin type. Then, your homecare serves to maintain the result.

3. Increased circulation ~ Poor circulation, more common with aging skin shows as dull, tired looking skin. The most loved part of a professional facial is the massage. Aside from being relaxing, it helps to increase blood flow and bring new nutrients giving a more youthful glow to the skin.

4. A Scan for Skin Cancer ~ The benefit of having a professional Aesthetician work with your skin is that during their analysis, they will bring to your attention any potential skin abnormalities that they feel you should check out with a medical doctor.

5. Because You Deserve It! ~ Give yourself time to recharge, clear your mind and just enjoy your experience.

How best to give our skin the love and care it needs?

It’s so easy to take our body for granted. It works mostly without our conscious direction. However, new scientific discoveries are making us much more aware of how self care from every aspect can help us enjoy a happier, healthier body. Thankfully for our skin, these new discoveries extend to our outer self, recognizing skin care as an important necessity.