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Sustainability, once a trendy buzzword is becoming an important lifestyle choice. Choosing reusable water bottles, using products that do not pollute, purchasing fair trade products that have been stitched or grown in ways that treat their makers with respect, are just some of the ways that we can help to create a better existence for all. While we strive to meet our current needs, sustainability according to the United Nations, “does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”
Sustainable living is a quickly growing mainstream movement in Canada. Although it is difficult to be a “purist” in all of our efforts, our concerns about climate change, waste reduction and reducing consumption are having an impact on companies. Many are responding to these issues in innovative ways.
Some businesses are making sustainable changes by focusing on reducing waste and pollution, choosing to adopt clean energy and water conservation. Some are donating a percentage of their sales to plant trees or use sustainable products in the manufacturing of their goods such as bamboo, semilla wood and recycled paper.
As consumers it is easy for us to get caught in marketing ploys known as “greenwashing”. Terms like “natural” and “green” are often used by companies when in fact their products do not benefit the environment.
For the real deal, look for companies that have a B-corporation certification. For a list of certified environment labels and claims go to https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/Oca-bc.nsf/eng/ca02523.html
At Healthwinds we are making an effort to source products that are manufactured with a conscience. Eminence Organic Skin Care, Unscented Company and 24 Bottles are all certified B corporations. Eminence also plants a tree for every product sold and as of December 2020, together with our clients we were responsible for the planting of 3580 trees. Lessons learned and the choices we make today will help to preserve nature for now and generations to come.