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By July 1, 2023July 3rd, 2023Health & Wellness

Life is so much better when we can move without pain.

While many of us make time to exercise, not so much when it comes to stretching. Usually we race through stretches, limiting them to our legs or back muscles with a few neck rolls thrown in. Or, for short spurts we adopt a specific stretch program to deal with a pain problem. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a relatively new and unique targeted collection of assisted stretches done on a massage table. This treatment method not only focuses on our muscles but also our connective tissue which surrounds and encompasses our joints. Loose fitting clothing is worn during the session. All of the stretches are “passive” which means that the therapist takes our body through a series of movements without our assistance. Our only task is to relax and breathe as directed. While it is not always easy to let go, FST is not painful. The primary focus is on the fascia rather than the muscles and joints which coaxes change within our body.

FST was initially used only by professional athletes to improve performance, increase flexibility and help prevent injuries. More recently, it has become a popular therapy method for relief of chronic pain, improved flexibility, balance and coordination.

The results after just one session are noticeable. Gentle, yet powerful, this therapy can have a profound effect on underlying restrictions which effect our posture, energy levels and overall vitality. Today’s sedentary, “computer centric” lifestyle necessitates us to make the effort to stay fit, flexible and strong. FST can help make that happen. The benefit will be a very grateful body and mind.