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Joy is a natural part of us and yet we so often forget to experience it. Those special moments filled with extreme happiness are so beneficial as they fill our body with contentment and our spirit glows with a deep sense of well being.

Chore lists abound but what about a Joy List? Not a new idea, your list should include all the things that trigger this feeling for you. Experiences, memories and keepsakes that make you feel happy, positive, successful, and grateful need to be on your list.

Feelings of gratitude are a good trigger for joy. Gratitude not only helps reduce anxiety and stress, it has been proven to help us sleep better and increase our self-esteem.

Creating this list will ensure that you seek out experiences that bring more joy into your life. It will help you sustain a more balanced state of wellbeing.

Not sure how to start your list? No worries, here are some tips of things to include to get you started. Remember, your list is not static. It can change often.

  • A place or places that calm you and trigger feelings of happiness.
  • People that make you feel good when you visit or talk with them.
  • Think about what makes you feel safe.
  • What activities do you enjoy?
  • What simple things or keepsakes make you smile?
  • What is your favourite part or time of the day or week?
  • What helps you to relax?
  • Keep your precious list close and refer to it everyday.

We wish you all a very joyful holiday season.

From All of Us at Healthwinds