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Spring is one of the most loved seasons. It provides more daylight, better temperatures, new green growth, flowers and the sound of birds singing.

We are drawn to spend more time outdoors which according to a study at the University of Michigan broadens our minds and makes us more open to new information and creative thoughts.

Many feel better physically and mentally when Spring is in full swing as we are more active. Longer days impact our body clock and lead to increased energy and the need for less sleep.

Sunshine also means access to naturally sourced Vitamin D which plays a key role in the health of our bones and teeth.

According to Gayle MacDonald in a recent Globe & Mail article, “a walk in the woods is the secret to wellbeing”. Over the last two years many found respite in city parks and on walking trails not realizing they were practicing the ancient art of “forest bathing”. Spring is the perfect season to head out to our green spaces, to see the new growth and inhale the fresh scents. At Healthwinds, we have long believed that time in nature is full of wellness benefits.

A practice known as Shinrin-yoku, was developed in Japan many years ago, in an effort to get people back in touch with nature. Their natural habitat was at risk and the hope was that by rediscovering nature’s beauty, people would want to preserve it. Many healing benefits emerged from this practice, including boosting immunity, balancing mood and reducing stress.

Studies have shown that trees apart from their beauty, release compounds into the forest air that are beneficial for us. Scientists have found that through inhalation of these tree-derived compounds, our bodies respond by reducing the concentration of stress hormones and enhancing the white–blood cell activity. These activities are very important contributors to the health of our immune function.

Take the time this year to enjoy the wonderful benefits of spring. At Healthwinds, we too are bringing spring aromas into our treatments.

Hope to see you soon.