Healthwinds Toronto Spa Reward Program

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Healthwinds Toronto Spa Rewards Program

Healthwinds Spa Rewards Program for Your Health

Healthwinds, now 20 years old, has long appreciated the loyalty of our clients. We take seriously your reasons for choosing us and work hard to maintain the quality of service that you have come to expect from us.

Through our Rewards Program we wish to express our thanks and our desire to assist you in your efforts to maintain your health. Our program allows you to accumulate points which can be used to purchase services and products. 

In our Rewards Program, you earn one point for every $30 spent. Once you have accumulated 30 points you will receive a voucher for $25. All of your purchases except the one in which you are using your voucher will count towards your accumulation of points.


You may use your rewards voucher to purchase services, products and gift certificates. For instance, you could add time to your one hour massage to make it 75 or 90 minutes. Or, you could try something different such as a hydrotherapy treatment, body polish or  facial.


There are no enrollment fees, or cards to carry. We will keep track of your points and let you know your rewards status with each purchase.


To enroll in our Health Maintenance Rewards Program please contact our administrative team at our front desk. We will get your rewards program started right away!