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Healthwinds Spa Nutrition

Today we understand that healthy eating is of vital importance to living a high quality life. Many struggle with time constraints and conflicting information, making it difficult to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet.


At Healthwinds we strive to help you make informed choices and to demystify and simplify healthful eating. Our consulting dietitian provides professional advice on a wide range of dietary issues. Consultation topics include eating for your health, weight management, disease prevention, food allergies and intolerances, vegetarianism, menopause and more. To learn more about healthful eating, arrange for an informative consultation with our dietitian. Be sure to bring all your questions.


      • Consultation with one follow up ~ $140.00
      • One follow up visit a La Carte ~ $45.00
      • Series of 3 follow-up visits ~ $120.00
      • Series of 5 follow-up visits ~ $200.00