Introducing Gudrun Welder, B.Sc., Naturopathic Doctor

Gudrun grew up in a small mountain town in Montana and was always fascinated with plants and trees. As a teen she took survival courses and studied how indigenous people around the world embraced nature.

Her studies continued in Santa Fe where she worked for several local herbalists growing herbs and food, making tinctures, natural cosmetics and therapeutic products for market. Her interests took her to Nepal, India, Japan, Mexico and Ireland.

In her thirties Gudrun chose to relocate to Toronto and become a Naturopathic Doctor. This allowed her to practice both conventional and traditional healing.

Gudrun takes a very practical approach when addressing her patients’ needs. Combining current diagnostics, blood work and physicians reports with compatible, safe and effective natural methods, she helps her patients towards recovery.


  • 60 minute – $120

  • 90 minute – $180

  • Follow up – $80