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Healthwinds Spa Hydrotherapy

This traditional European therapy uses water in treatments to relieve pain and promote health. Water’s greatest attribute as a therapy is its ability to promote circulation and reduce inflammation in problem areas.

Hydrotherapy Bath Treatments

Our hydrotherapy bath equipment is from Baden Baden, Germany, home to some of the world’s most famous spas. The bath has 120 water jets which circulate to all areas of your body. Simultaneously, a registered massage therapist uses a high-pressure underwater wand to massage your muscles. The temperature and pressure are adjusted throughout the treatment to give the best relief from pain and tension. Natural herbal oils and thermal salts are added to the water to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. For even greater benefit follow the hydrotherapy with a massage treatment.


Hydrotherapy Bath Treatments

  • Hydro Only ~ $80.00
  • Hydro with 30 minutes Massage ~ $140.00
  • Hydro with 45 minutes Massage ~ $157.00
  • Hydro with 60 minutes Massage ~ $175.00
  • Hydro with 75 minutes Massage ~ $198.00
  • Hydro with 90 minutes Massage ~ $224.00

Mud Soak

Infused with Black Oxygen Moor Mud, enjoy a private 20 minute soak with 120 water jets. Detoxifying and deeply relaxing.

  • $40.00

Salt Soak

This private 20 minute soak in our 120 jet hydro tub is infused with herbal oil salts. Joint and muscular pain relief, this treatment fortifies the body and calms.

  • $40.00

Hydrotherapy Bundles   

Body Polish and Hydrotherapy Bath Treatment

This one hour treatment combines your choice of body polish with a hydrotherapy bath treatment. This is a great choice for the skin and relief of muscular pain and tension.

  • 60 minutes ~ $158.00

Deluxe HydroCure

Two hours of pure luxury for the body. It begins with an invigorating body polish to promote circulation and remove dead skin cells. The hydrotherapy bath treatment follows, enriched with herbal extracts known for their detoxifying properties. Then, a one hour massage deeply relaxes, removing the last remnants of tension and stress.


  • Deluxe HydroCure ~ $250.00