By February 1, 2019 February 5th, 2019 Health & Wellness

Just released, the 2019 Global Wellness Report sites continued growth in existing and emerging trends of the wellness industry. This $4.2 trillion sector has injected itself into almost every lifestyle choice we make each day.

It has made us more aware of the foods we choose to eat, how much and what kind of exercise we do, how we spend our leisure time, the quality of our sleep, what we wear and even our personal care products. Just a few examples of how this industry has impacted our lives.

In any huge growth sector, there is of course, some stretching of the truth. Wellness is a term that can be loosely applied to anything; a single ingredient, some savvy marketing, or even a celebrity endorsement that can put a product or company in a category it doesn’t necessarily belong. As a recent article in Fast Company put it, big money leads to big claims.

The good news though is there are also vigilant consumers and watchdog groups that fight back to expose fake and exaggerated wellness claims. Even Facebook recently deleted pages that posted pseudoscientific claims. But we must be our own watch dogs.

Wellness is subjective. We each internalize and manifest it differently. Just because a certain way of eating works for a friend, doesn’t mean it will be good for you. We have to find our own way, check labels and do some research.

Wellness is personal and it requires self-reflection and learning. Sometimes this quest challenges us to adjust old attitudes and behaviours that may be holding us back from better health and greater potential. It is a lifelong process but so worth it. To live a happier and healthier life.