The most dreaded and yet beautiful season is on the way. In its defence, winter does provide some great health benefits. 

It turns out that cooler temperatures can boost our brain function, lessen our allergic responses and decrease inflammation making our joints less painful. We sleep better when our environment is cooler and darker. Plus, believe or not we can better fight infections in winter. 

Somewhere between being a couch potato and relaxing, is the “Zen Zone”. Winter provides the best opportunity to hibernate. We tend to share meals with close friends or just enjoy being alone. Warm comfy clothes and hot drinks add to the experience. 

A common winter ritual is to relax with a good book or your favourite film. Studies have shown that reading can reduce stress by 68%, increase our life expectancy and boost our feelings of happiness and overall wellness. 

Enjoy your winter experience. Here are some tips for staying happy and well this winter. 

  1. Adjust to the new “daylight” schedule. If you tend to sleep late, try setting your alarm earlier for a month. You’ll get more light in your day, increase your natural levels of Vitamin D and experience greater energy. 
  2. Get outside even it it’s a really cold day. A walk or hike is incredibly restorative. Get your circulation flowing.
  3. Keep hydrated to ensure that the barriers used to protect your body from colds and flu are healthy and able to resist infection.
  4. Use a dry brush to prevent your skin from becoming itchy and dry. It helps to promote cell turnover and improves nutrition to your skin.
  5. It’s a busy social month so remember to dedicate some “me” time ~ to rejuvenate, stay calm and enjoy it all.