Spa as a noun means: a place to go and get healthy. If the word Spa was a verb it would be defined as the action of getting healthy. 

What are the benefits of “spa-ing”? 

We all know that a certain amount of stress is good for us. It provides the impetus to help us reach our goals. Sometimes though, life can feel overwhelming. In those times we tend to push ourselves beyond our capacity and become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. We forget, or we tell ourselves we do not have time, to do all the good things; eat well, sleep enough, exercise and relax. In short intervals our body can recuperate quickly. If left unchecked for too long, being dismissive of healthful practises can cause illness, affect our memory, mental clarity and our mood. That is why finding a balance is key to maintaining our health, even in the tough times. 

Learning to Spa improves our ability to manage stress and its side effects. Aside from giving us something to look forward to, “spa-ing” provides the necessary reinforcements for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Spa services such as massages and facials improve blood and lymph (immune system) circulation. These systems provide our body with revitalizing nutrition and remove the toxins that collect in our tissues. 

A visit to a spa can open the door to getting inspired. It can help us become more aware and mindful of our needs. It can make us better equipped to deal with the bigger issues in our everyday lives. As well, it relaxes us and helps our body and mind recover, allowing us to experience joy. 

Join us this July and discover the possibilities that having balance in your life brings.