By January 1, 2019 February 5th, 2019 Health & Wellness

Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you often feel like backing out on plans that you agreed to? Do you feel overloaded with too much on your plate? Do you wish your time felt a bit more your own? 

If your answer is yes, perhaps 2019 is the year to practise saying no. 

It can be challenging as we’re naturally reluctant to disappoint people. We want to be there for our friends and family. Saying no can be confrontational and it can make us feel guilty. But, when we say yes when we’d rather say no, we put stress on our body and mind. 

People who struggle to say no often experience anxiety and can eventually burnout. They also have less time for themselves to reflect upon and replenish their well-being. 

Saying no isn’t about distancing ourselves from others or being selfish, it’s about getting closer to our own needs. Taking time alone to examine our obligations and priorities can help us be more selective about how we spend our valuable time and with whom we share it with. It’s about being honest with ourselves and those we love. 

Every time we say yes to something with internal reluctance, we may be sacrificing something more important, such as much needed sleep or quiet time alone. When we get comfortable saying no, we discover more time to restore, realign, revive and experience joy. We give ourselves the breathing space we need. 

Try out a no here and there in the new year or at least an “can I get back to you on that?”. Be firm, be honest, listen to yourself and be discerning with your time. Do that and you’ll find that when you do say yes, you’ll be engaged with your friends and loved ones as a better version of yourself. Rested, restored and present. 

Happy new year!