Everyone is talking about the world we are creating for now and the future. Some are taking action, doing what they can to protect the environment and take care of themselves. Many companies are offering us innovative wellness products. The most well known include the fit bit, nutritional software and workout streaming websites.

Zero waste is another very popular movement which forces companies to come up with innovative packaging and product solutions. One new idea is shampoo cubes, eliminating the bottle and using only biodegradable ingredients. Reusable, refillable containers are on the rise and some are planting trees in an effort to eliminate the carbon footprint created by their manufacturing process. All of these efforts are helping to protect and restore our environment.

At Healthwinds, we are doing our best to only use and make clean products. Our products are ethically sourced and come with sustainable packaging. Our new Nomaad Eco mugs are 100% compostable, re-usable containers made from bamboo and corn fibers and last close to 5 years!

We are planting trees with Forests for the Future in partnership with Eminence Organic skin care. This year we reached a goal of 800,000 trees. For every product you purchase one tree is planted in impoverished farming communities around the world. To date collectively we have planted 14 million trees.

Millennials have been instrumental in getting food manufacturers to disclose all ingredients. The demand for Fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients in our food and clothes have provided equal opportunities for workers worldwide.

On the health front, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as an occupational health phenomenon in May 2019. Professionally and personally we have accelerated demands on ourselves to the degree that our mental and physical reserves have become depleted. A major trend for 2020 is to look for solutions that help us battle Burnout.

Some remedies that are already very popular include “time out” to listen to relaxing music, deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, nature walks, going off the grid especially an hour before sleep, massage and soothing baths.

What are your goals for your health and well-being for 2020? Let’s all work together and help to make this a great year!