Healthwinds Toronto Spa Group Treatments

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Treatments & Services

Body Therapies

  • Massage Therapy ~ To reduce muscular pain and tension
  • Aromatherapy Massage ~ Massage with aromatherapy oils
  • Reflexology ~ Acupressure massage for the feet
  • Advance Ayurvedics ~ "Hands on" East Indian therapy for relief of chronic and acute pain

Skin Care Services

  • Mini Facial ~ Nourishing & hydrating facial massage
  • Soothing Hands ~ Moisturizing massage with paraffin
  • Soothing Feet ~ Herbal footbath, massage & paraffin
  • Mini Manicures ~ Nail shaping & polish
  • Mini Pedicures ~ Foot bath, nail shaping and polish

Wellness Specialties

  • Nutritional Counselling ~ "One on one" with Dietitian
  • Wellness Counselling ~ "One on one" with M.D. - learn relaxation techniques
  • Wellness Workshops ~ Stress management and relaxation techniques offered in group setting


For more information or to discuss an event for your group, please contact Alina McCarthy or Kailee Kline at (416) 488-9545 or email contact@healthwindsspas.com.