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Healthwinds Spa Chronic Pain Treatments

Healthwinds is a recognized leader in the Canadian health and wellness spa industry. Originally located in a medical building, our professional team worked with physician referrals to provide rehabilitative therapies in a spa-like setting.

Chronic pain was originally defined as pain that lasted 6 months or longer. Now, it is defined as pain that persists past the normal course of time associated with a particular type of injury or condition. Stress decreases immunity; prolonged stress can lead to symptoms of physical and mental illness. Stress and chronic pain are inextricably linked as one exacerbates the other. Normally, the body uses pain as a signal of a problem. Constant or intermittent pain only serves to increase stress and fatigue.

By treating the physical symptoms imposed by stress, muscular pain and tension are reduced allowing respite from fatigue, renewed strength and a sense of well-being. Treatments such as Advanced Ayurvedics, Massage Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Wellness Counseling by an M.D. assist to reduce pain and in many instances, alleviate it. These therapies work to assist the body in both the healing process and the rebuilding phase. They release “feel good” hormones, restore a full range of joint mobility, increase muscular flexibility and teach valuable life skills.

Healthwinds’ Chronic Pain team will work with you to create a treatment program to bring relief and assist you in restoring your health. To arrange for a consultation please contact us at 416 488-9545.